October 11, 2020

Ken Ramirez’s Six Most Overlooked Fundamentals of Successful Training

Maintain an adequate rate of reinforcement

Make sure that you are not being stingy with your reinforcements- food or otherwise. Check this first if you notice your training is breaking down.

Make training sessions fun

Do not put too much pressure on yourself or your animal! Keep it short and engaging for all participants.

Enrich the environment and fill the mental void in an animal’s day

Ensure that the animal is not bored outside of regular training sessions by enriching their daily life.

Train core behaviours as a foundation for success

By having basics like sit/stand/down fluent, you will be able to train more complex behaviours

Read the emotional body language of animals

Learn to recognize and respond to the signals your animal exhibits

Communicate with the people involved

Include all members who will interact regularly with your animal in their training